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Premium French Fries for Your Ultimate Snacking Experience

Indulge in the delicious and convenient taste of our Premium French Fries by EGYPT. Made from high-quality potatoes, these pre-fried 9*9mm fries are the perfect addition to your freezer for quick and easy snacking. With a 2.5kg pack, you'll have plenty to share with friends and family. These fries are a must-have for any fry lover and are perfect for parties, movie nights, and more.

Experience the following with our Premium French Fries:

  • Irresistible taste and crispy texture
  • Convenient and time-saving option for snacking
  • Made from high-quality potatoes
  • 2.5kg pack for sharing with loved ones

Satisfy your cravings and elevate your snacking game with our Premium French Fries. Perfect for any occasion, these fries are a must-have in your freezer. So why wait? Grab a pack now and experience the ultimate snacking experience with EGYPT's Premium French Fries.

بطاطا نصف مقلية 9*9 2.5 كغ
  • Pack Type: Carton (4 Pieces )