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The unit price is 1.300 KD. Depending on the net weight of the item received, a refund will happen automatically for any price difference.



Discover the Rich Flavor of Chefs Choice Kashkaval Cheese

Indulge in the delectable taste of our Chefs Choice Kashkaval Cheese. Made from high-quality ingredients, this 500g block of cheese is perfect for a wide range of culinary creations. Whether grated over pasta, melted in a sandwich, or enjoyed on its own, this cheese elevates every dish with its rich and unique flavor profile.

  • High-quality Kashkaval cheese
  • 500g block provides ample quantity for various recipes
  • Rich and unique flavor profile
  • Versatile - perfect for grating, melting, or enjoying on its own
  • Ideal for culinary creations by passionate cooks and chefs

Elevate your dishes with the rich, savory, and slightly tangy taste of our Chefs Choice Kashkaval Cheese. Experience the superior quality and versatility that will make this cheese a staple in your kitchen.

Chefs Choice Kashkaval Cheese 500Gm