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Indulge in the Perfectly Coated Fries from FRMFR

Satisfy your cravings with FRMFR's Coated Fries - the ultimate frozen treat for any occasion. These 7x7mm fries are coated to perfection, giving you a crispy exterior and a fluffy interior with every bite. Made with the finest ingredients, these fries are sure to be a crowd-pleaser at any gathering. Perfect for snacking or as a side dish, these fries are a must-have in your freezer.

Experience the Deliciousness of FRMFR's Coated Fries:

  • 2.5kg of perfectly coated fries
  • Great for appetizers or as a side dish
  • Made with high-quality potatoes
  • Conveniently frozen for easy preparation

Upgrade your snacking game with FRMFR's Coated Fries. These fries are perfect for any occasion and will leave your taste buds wanting more. Don't settle for bland frozen fries, choose FRMFR for a delicious and satisfying experience. Add these fries to your cart

Coated Fries 7x7mm 2.5kg
Pack Type
  • Pack Type: 1 Piece