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Our Knorr Professional Pronto Tomato Sauce is ready to be used as the base for chef’s sauces or directly in the dishes - it saves cooking time and ensures consistency. Simply add desired amount of Knorr Professional Pronto Tomato Sauce, cook and add to your pasta or use it as a base for your tomato soup or just add it directly on your pizza dough

The best quality tomatoes from Italy, ready cooked for you.
Knorr Professional Pronto Sauce is a complete Italian tomato based sauce made with freshly harvested and cooked sustainably grown Italian tomatoes.

Knorr Professional Tomato Pronto is made from sun-ripened tomatoes from the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy.
They're cooked, peeled, de-seeded, and cut into a unique concasse, giving you the perfect base for tomato sauces and soups.


Tomatoes (95%), vegetable oil (sunflower seed), salt, water, sugar, dried onion, acidity regulator (citric acid).

Tomato Pronto 2Kg
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  • Pack Type: 1 Piece