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Myanmar (Burma)

Whole Rohu Fish Carton (1500g-2000g) 20Kg

Indulge in the freshest catch with our Whole Rohu Fish Carton. Each carton contains 1500g-2000g of premium quality whole Rohu fish, providing you with a total of 20Kg to savor and enjoy. Perfect for those who appreciate the rich taste of Rohu fish, this carton offers convenience and excellent value.

  • Contains 1500g-2000g of whole Rohu fish
  • Total of 20Kg per carton
  • Premium quality and freshness guaranteed
  • Convenient packaging for easy storage and use

Elevate your culinary experience with the Whole Rohu Fish Carton, ideal for preparing delicious meals for your family and friends. Whether grilled, baked, or cooked in a curry, the natural flavors of this fish will surely impress your taste buds. Bring home this carton and enjoy the finest Rohu fish at your convenience.