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Myanmar (Burma)

Whole Rohu Fish Carton (800g-1000g) 20Kg

Experience the freshness and flavor of whole Rohu fish with our convenient 20kg carton, each containing individually portioned fish weighing between 800g-1000g. Perfect for stocking up or for commercial use, our Rohu fish is sourced from the finest waters and carefully packed to preserve its natural taste and texture.

  • Convenient 20kg carton
  • Individually portioned whole Rohu fish
  • Fish weigh between 800g-1000g
  • High-quality fish sourced from the finest waters
  • Carefully packed to preserve freshness

Elevate your culinary creations with the exceptional taste and nutritional benefits of our Whole Rohu Fish. Whether you're a seafood enthusiast, a restaurant owner, or a home cook, this carton is an ideal choice for ensuring a steady supply of premium Rohu fish.

Whole Rohu Fish Carton (800g-1000g) 20Kg